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…and welcome to the website of Sian Pattenden, artist and writer.
Have a look around. The proper art stuff is at raw art; the map stuff is below… plus examples of video promos I’ve done and the children’s books. I need to update the biography too. I will do that. Maybe tomorrow.
If you missed the Music for Misfits programme on BBC4 it’s now online for a bit. Argh.

Grrrr! Art Pop Up Shop!

Siân and Pandora, outside the shop, looking quite happy actually

We have just finished our run at Grrrr! – a pop up art shop that me n artist Pandora Vaughan ran from May-July 2016 in Kentish Town, London NW5. We showed our own work and had excellent merch items [mugs, pencils, sweary badges], plus amazing amazing stuff from from artists Joe Carcary, Keller Tornero, Jane Hoodless, Cathy Ward, Exitstencil Press and Mr Terry Hall from the Specials showing his “Jacksons 6” painting. And we may return! There is a Grrrr! web locale with updates here.

The Shop featured the infamous Folk Art Brexit Protest Custard Creams which are now available in print form. “As seen” in the KentishTowner. Painting on biscuits. That will return too.

New Soho Map

I’ve just updated the SohoCreate festival map for 2016.

Please contact me if you would like a bespoke map – they make great presents. Some recent commissions include Bloomsbury; a large section of North London from the City to Muswell Hill and also a highly detailed Tufnell Park map.

You can also buy a limited edition print of the Kentish Town map at my Big Cartel online shop, in A2 size for £65 inc. UK delivery. There are examples of other mapwork on that site including the Poundshop Map of London too.

British Nuclear Bunkers Video

Here’s the promo, which I produced and directed, for British Nuclear Bunkers – the new album from Luke Haines.

New Art at Raw Art

There’s always new art at

Johnny Thunders/So Alone – Acrylics on board

Sleaford Mods – Acrylics on board

Lou Reed Lou Reed

2014 Animation for Luke Haines’ Lou Reed Lou Reed (Cherry Red)

Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead Illustrations

Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead – is an anthology of rock interviews by Neil Strauss, illustrated by me, out now.
Go here for Amazon information. And click the Flickr logo below to see the portraits:

Agatha Bilke Children’s Books

I have written six children’s books so far, for 8-12 year old persons, three in each series. The Agatha Bilke books are my favourite – I also illustrated the entire series. The Awful Tale of Agatha Bilke was shortlisted for the Glen Dimplex New Writers’ award; the Branford Boase award and the Sheffield Children’s Book Award. It was Children’s Book of the Week in the Sunday Times. There’s a cool Agatha mini site here including the Agatha Bilke theme tune. Oh yes.

The Peppers

The next kids series is The Magical Peppers and is about magic, order and chaos. It was shortlisted for the Surrey Libraries Children’s Book Awards. If you are a school or similarly reputable establishment and would like to book an author visit see the Author Events page, click here. To go to the Peppers mini-site click here:

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