Eurovision livedraw 2023

UPDATE: We raised over £1200 for the British Red Cross on the night. Thanks to all who donated, it was a wonderful night.

It’s baaack! For the tenth year running – yes that’s ten whole years (a decade) – Siân is doing Eurovision livedraw…. Last year we raised a whopping £1.5K for the British Red Cross Ukraine appeal, simply by me painting each act on the Eurovision stage live. I.e. in real time. I.e. in front of everyone, on the Twitter.

This year is no different, apart from the fact it’s staged in LIVERPOOL which is home of some bands, and not of others. The JustGivin’ link is now up and you can visit and donate here. The also has amazin’ facts including links to the ’22 promo FILM and EXPLAINER film which I will redo if my brain gets into gear. So what next? Sharpen those brushes and dust down the watercolours. Look at pictures of vintage Brookside characters to get into the mood. Wonder if Welcome to the Pleasuredome is a better production, soundswise, than Relax. Or just actually relax – Saturday’s fingers will have lots of work to do….

Thanks so much to everyone who donated last year, it was excellent, Please retweet/ re-Gram your paintings if you got one and spread the word!

Oh and also I will be on Monocle 24 Radio on Saturday 13 March at 9am GMT talking to Georgina Godwin about this crazy thing… and doing the paper review. Tune in!