Artists Talk! 20 December in London

Picture the scene. It’s the last night of Grrrr! co-conspirator Pandora Vaughan’s show Total Non-Stop Action! We’re in super cool art space the Horse Hospital, a warm bottle of beer (it might be cold though) nestling in the crook of our arm. We’re listening not just to Pandora Vaughan, but to artist and writer Stewart Home – hosted by yours truly. We’re talking art, film, action, satisfaction. What a night! I’m guiding the talk, and we’ll also be showing some of our short films (including new one by me), related trailers and a rare public screening of the cult classic Roller Blade.

“In a futuristic society, rebels fighting against a fascist state are aided by a group of roller-skating nuns called the Bod Sisters. Director Donald G. Jackson is best known for Hell Comes To Frogtown (1998) starring wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper.

It will be good. Tickets are from £5 and they are here.

Detail – banner from Pandora’s show