1. This is all about The Magical Peppers, a sparkling new series for kids about magic, mayhem and other things beginning with M. Like meringues.
For ages 8-12 years, the book is about twins Esme and Monty Pepper, who are spending the summer holidays with their bumbling Uncle Potty, an enthusiastic member of the International Magic Guys magic club. But when the club is threatened with closure who will try to save it…? The Pepper twins.
The book includes real magic tricks and tips which I have personally tested, and which you can try at home, if you like that sort of thing.

2. Download and print the fantastical Peppers bookmark here.

3. Download chapter one of the latest book – The Magical Peppers and the Island of Invention as a pdf file. Right click to “save as”…

4. Order The Peppers and the International Magic Guys from Amazon if you’re feeling crazy. Or The Magical Peppers and the Island of Invention indeed.

4.1 [a] These titles are quite long, aren’t they?

4.1 [b] Here is the Magical Peppers cast of characters for the Island of Invention – the Troupe.

5. Here are some Not Very Frequently Asked Questions from Siân

6. Lastly – for schools and eventish persons – click here for details on Author Visits. All the facts are there.